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I am a mat and small equipment Pilates Teacher with over 10 years experience teaching Pilates classes that focus on good movement, helping you to build a strong core, a deep understanding of the Pilates principles and then helping you to progress to more challenging advancing exercises.


I really enjoying using the small equipment such as resistance bands, balls and weights in my classes and I hope you will to.  

Pilates is an evolving series of exercises that teaches good posture and alignment, releases muscular tension and restores natural flowing movements of the body.  


Pilates strengthens the core muscles needed to support our body, improves range of movement and flexibility of the joints.  


Many of us lead sedentary lives, working at a desk for the majority of the day or performing repetitive movements, this can cause stress and tension to build up in the body and mind.  Pilates can help to relieve the effects of day to day activities on our bodies.


Pilates is a great addition to other sports and physical activities; many professional sports teams use Pilates to prevent and protect against injury and as a training aid.  

Pilates Movement with Jenny
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client testimonials.....

“I love the way the class makes me feel and look forward to the next one. I am just so glad I took the plunge and joined the class. The classes are friendly and intimate, with Jenny making the sessions interesting and relevant for all members and ability.”


"Jenny is very professional and knowledgable.  She gives individual correction and encouragement and has a gentle, kind manner, together with a sense of humour"


“She takes care to correct me when I’m not doing the exercises correctly and she provides alternative exercises when the class is doing ones I need to avoid.  I often come away feeling as though I’ve had a back massage”


“What I really like is that each class is different (which keeps us challenged and on the ball), you explain with great visual imagery what we're trying to achieve with the movements and give us differing levels of challenge for some exercises.”

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