Pilates Movement with Jenny

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Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 specific terms and conditions

All Client Enrolment Forms and Covid-19 Supplementary Questionnaires (CVSQ) and other documentation are to be sent electronically.  Forms must be received before attending the first lesson, if you have not returned the CVSQ form you will not be able to attend.  


Participants to ensure social distancing  while entering and leaving venue.


Participants are not to attend sessions if they are unwell or feel unwell.


Vulnerable persons who are still ‘shielding’ or self-isolating are to not attend in-person sessions.


Participants are not to attend sessions if they have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 in accordance with government guidelines.


Participants are requested to follow government guidelines on travel. Participants should use masks if using public transport on way to the venue.


Participants are required to socially distance prior to entering the venue and await instruction from teacher prior to entering/leaving the venue.  


Class/session sizes are reduced to ensure a minimum 2 metre distance between teacher and all participants. Participants to follow the layout of the room.


The teacher will provide verbal instruction only.


Teacher to ask participants if they are feeling well at the start of the session. If a participant states they feel unwell, they are requested to leave the venue.


Teachers to wipe commonly touched surfaces, e.g door handles before, after and between sessions.


If possible, all doors remain open during entry and exit to reduce contact with surfaces.  


Rooms should be well ventilated between and during sessions. Air conditioning units should be left on FAN setting  before, during and after sessions for as long as possible.


Participants are to wash their hands/or use hand sanitiser at the start and end of every session and will refrain from physical contact with each other.


Participants encouraged to wear non-slip socks to avoid contact with the floor and mats.


Participants can bring their own hand sanitiser and wear their own face masks during sessions if they wish


Participants to  bring their own mats and equipment.


Participants are required to arrive wearing suitable exercise clothing and avoid entering changing facilities.


Facilities (toilets, changing rooms) are discouraged from use unless absolutely necessary.  If facilities are used, participants should be encouraged to wipe down cubicle surfaces touched before/after use. Teachers/venue to provide wipes. Toilets should be flushed with the lid down. Signs encouraging this should be displayed.


No food. No sharing of food/drinks at all. No use of mobile phones during sessions.


Participants are encouraged to pre-pay for their sessions via online banking.


Exchanging of cash and paperwork is discouraged.  If paperwork and cash needs to be exchanged, it should be placed in an envelope/folder. Hands should be washed/ sanitised after handling and paper quarantined for at least 48 hours before handling again.


General Terms and Conditions


If you have previously had an injury that has required treatment from a medical practitioner or have been advised to start Pilates by a doctor, Physiotherapist or other medical practitioner it is essential that before starting a group class you attend a private lesson, please do get in contact to arrange an appointment.


An enrolment form must be completed and signed before starting my Pilates classes. A CVSQ form must be completed and returned before class (existing and new clients)


Please inform me of any changes in your health or any other factors that I may need to take into consideration.  


All the information detailed on the enrolment form is confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd parties.


Group Classes

Accurate pricing information is found on or by contacting Jenny on 07855408973.

Classes to be paid for as a block of lessons as specified on my website and via emails.

Please notify me of any lessons that you are going to miss in advance.

Due to reduced class numbers missed classes can be made up by attending a zoom lesson

No refunds or exchanges and sorry no carry overs (due to limited spaces in classes).    


Price and Payment

Payments made by BACS, cash or cheque (made payable to Jennifer Brown) at the time of booking.


Other useful information

It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal before a class

Do not attend a class under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  

Do not chew gum during class.

No eating in class.

Bring your own water bottle.

Do not use your mobile phone in class


What to wear

Clothing should allow for ease of movement and comfortable.  Please avoid any baggy clothing so that the teacher can easily observe and correct your movement.

Come to class dressed for Pilates

Clean socks or bare feet no trainers.

Minimal Jewellery.



By attending my Pilates classes you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Jenny Brown